Thursday, December 18, 2008

Countdown to Christmas The things you learn!

I must share a very important lesson that I learned leading up to the big day. It was my wife who instructed me on the major gaff, breach of procedure if you will. It seems that when I was moving my office in the basement from an unheated concrete coal room to the warmer recess of the corner of the basement, I took it upon myself to move several plastic bins of Christmas decorations into my formally occupied space. Little did I know that aside from being some reliquary or sacred artifact, it is wrong to have the Xmas decorations separated. You see I did not move all the boxes, only a few. I am still a little fuzzy as to why they can not be separated by fifteen feet in the same basement but I suspect that it has something to do with them being part of a community and by “partitioning” them is created what can be describe a as disturbance in force. I have yet to see the errors of my judgment but that is common especially after twenty eight years of marriage. Like so many mysteries of life I have embraced this one on faith.

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